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  1. 2 NYPD cops shot dead ‘execution style’ as ‘revenge’ for Garner 2014-12-20
  2. Vaccines Made From Cancer Tumors Coming To An Arm Near You 2014-12-20
  3. 10 Things You MUST DO if CPS Comes to Your House 2014-12-20
  4. Smoking Gun: Who Hacked Sony? 2014-12-20
  5. Census: 30% of U.S. population growth will be immigrants, 78 million by 2060 2014-12-20
  6. Study: There could be life deep beneath the Earth’s crust 2014-12-20
  7. US drone strike in Pakistan kills 5 ‘militants’ 2014-12-20
  8. Four Afghans Released From Guantánamo Bay 2014-12-20
  9. Gun Ban for Mentally Ill Struck Down as Too Broad 2014-12-20
  10. Teacher shot during school robbery sues district after being told he ‘should have played dead’ 2014-12-20
  11. Pakistan starts hanging militants in revenge for school massacre 2014-12-20
  12. Will Obama’s New Police Strategy Lead To A Nationalized Police Force? 2014-12-20
  13. Florida City Mandates Non-GMO Vending Machines 2014-12-20
  14. Cuba says U.S. must respect its communist system 2014-12-20
  15. Obama enters the ‘fourth quarter’ 2014-12-20
  16. Americans Stand Up to Militarized Takeover 2014-12-20
  17. Feds Martial Law Plan Exposed 2014-12-20
  18. Globalist Competitor China Will Be Blamed for Sony Attack 2014-12-20
  19. Supreme Court: Police Can Make Up Laws And Violate Rights 2014-12-20
  20. Obama Apologizes to Castro 2014-12-20
  21. Regime Change In Cuba 2014-12-20
  22. FBI Confirms It Was North Korea! 2014-12-20
  23. Sony Hackers Make New Demands… This Is What Happens When You Negotiate With Terrorists 2014-12-20
  24. Illegals May Use Facebook Postings to Meet Exec Amnesty Residency Requirements 2014-12-20
  25. Obama signs defense bill that keeps Gitmo open 2014-12-20

  1. Terrorism and the Evolution of Deception 2014-12-09
  2. Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia James Corbett Dec 2, 2014 2014-12-06
  3. 12 Things to Keep in Mind When You Read the Torture Report 2014-12-03
  4. Tony Szamboti : On NIST's 9/11 Sins of Omission 2014-12-02
  5. H.R. 428 Could Send 9/11 Truth Mainstream 2014-11-20
  6. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 11 - Thomas Drake 2014-11-12
  7. 25 POINTS 2014-11-03
  8. AE911Truth's Report to the Public: Cyrus Vance, Jr., Manhattan D.A., On Notice, Again 2014-11-03
  9. Was aviation security given the short shrift in the 9/11 Commission report? 2014-11-03
  10. “Vote Truth” – Political Stake Sign Pilot for 9/11 Truth 2014-10-29
  11. Interview 961 – The Mind Renewed: ISIS and the Strategy of Tension Corbett • 10/26/2014 2014-10-26
  12. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 9 - Michael Springmann 2014-10-16
  13. Lars Schall and Paul Zarembka Dissect the 9/11 Insider Trading 2014-10-16
  14. The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11 2014-10-06
  15. Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11? Parts 10 & 11 Written by Frances T. Shure 2014-10-03
  16. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 6 - Lorie Van Auken 2014-09-27
  17. Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception - James Corbett • 09/25/2014 2014-09-24
  18. The 1993 WTC Bombing Damage Myth 2014-09-21
  19. Lee Hamilton - the debate about WTC 7 continues 2014-09-17
  20. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 5 - Coleen Rowley 2014-09-16
  21. The Smoking Guns of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks 2014-09-15
  22. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: White House Staffers' Actions on 9/11, President Apparently in Danger, and More 2014-09-15
  23. Why are the ASCE Journals being dishonest and misleading concerning how the WTC Towers collapsed? 2014-09-13
  24. New Letter at the Journal of 9/11 Studies 2014-09-13
  25. Never Forget … Countries from Around the World Admit They Use False Flag Terror 2014-09-10
  26. Dan Rather's Most Interesting and Controversial 9/11 Reports 2014-09-10
  27. The Day Before 9/11: Suspicious Events of Sept. 10, 2001 2014-09-10
  28. NSA Whistleblower Joins AE911Truth in Calling for Real 9/11 Investigation - GRTV Feature Interview 2014-09-09
  29. Why Hasn't Obama Kept Promise To Declassify 28 Pages Of A Report About 9/11? 2014-09-08
  30. Huge 45 foot digital billboard near Times Square will show video of the collapse of WTC7, millions will see it 2014-09-04


  1. Putin Is Right
    Global forecaster Gerald Celente said Russian President Vladimir Putin was right when he stated today that the West targeted Russia long before the current crisis with Ukraine. In fact, Celente reported almost a year ago that the U.S. had waged a propaganda and misinformation war against Russia. Putin insisted today: “It’s not payback for Crimea. It’s the cost of our natural desire to preserve Russia as a nation, a civilization and a state.” Celente agrees. He points to an extensive analysis in the Spring 2014 edition of his Trends Journal,"Stoking a war that can't be won," in which he wrote: "Under the Obama Administration, U.S. conflict with Vladimir Putin’s Russia ... Continue reading
  2. What’s the Big Deal?
    Recent polls show that, despite the Senate's torture report, most Americans still support the Central Intelligence Agency's use of torture on suspects. Obviously the mainstream media misinform the public, neglecting to tell them that such torture techniques do not even produce reliable information and are mainly used to extract false confessions from innocent detainees. And on the National Security Agency's spying on innocent Americans, people love it, and then they hate it, and now they're back to loving it again. Alas, Most people are ignorant of the actual criminality being committed by the federal goons. But one American who shows ... Continue reading
  3. The Menace of Egalitarianism
    [This article is excerpted from the title essay and the introduction to the first edition of Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays.] This essay was delivered at a conference on human differentiation held by the Institute for Humane Studies at Gstaad, Switzerland, in the summer of 1972. A fundamental reason and grounding for liberty are the ineluctable facts of human biology; in particular, the fact that each individual is a unique person, in many ways different from all others. If individual diversity were not the universal rule, then the argument for liberty would be weak indeed. For if ... Continue reading
  4. Report Police Abuse Without Fear
    This article by Steve Silverman originally appeared April 5, 2012 in It’s been updated to include new information regarding recent rulings in favor of citizens’ right to record. Last week the City of Boston agreed to pay Simon Glik $170,000 in damages and legal fees to settle a civil rights lawsuit stemming from his 2007 felony arrest for videotaping police roughing up a suspect. Prior to the settlement, the First Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that Glik had a “constitutionally protected right to videotape police carrying out their duties in public.” The Boston Police Department now explicitly instructs its ... Continue reading
  5. Alcohol as Medicine?
    Those who eat a balanced and wholesome diet should seldomly become ill. Healthy people are usually able to combat minor infections without showing any symptoms. However, even healthy people become sick when their exposure to pathogens is persistent or they become too lax in their diets. Emotional stress can weaken the immune system too. Our usual recommendations about the avoidance of most sugars, and a diet featuring vegetables should be disregarded during sickness. While these healthy habits may be ideal for preventing illness, they can actually slow a body's recovery when an infection has taken hold. During sickness, normal digestion ... Continue reading
  6. Santa Bomb Is Coming to Town
    A “superbomb” storm is being predicted for Christmas Day in the Northeast United states according to WeatherBell Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue who has pointed out it looks to be reminiscent of the Cleveland Superbomb of 1978 aka the “Great New England Blizzard of 1978″. This GFS forecast model for Christmas Day shows the depth of the low, poised to gather moisture from the Great Lakes and dump it into the Northeastern U.S. over the next 24-48 hours, potentially making Christmas and post-Christmas travel a nightmare, but … there is a twist. Dr. Maue adds on his Twitter feed: Exciting to ... Continue reading
  7. To the State, We’re Economic Slaves
    Signing of Dodd-Frank – Now Virtually Repealed/Gutted The NY money center Banks won again in Washington, the second time in a single month. They succeeded in repealing Dodd-Frank and have now succeeded in repealing the Volcker Rule, which it is officially put on “delay” that will be permanent. The Federal Reserve has repealed the Volcker Rule that will let the highly speculative banks hold onto billions of dollars in private-equity and hedge-fund investments for at least two more years until it is delayed again if not just forgotten about silently. The Fed granted the delay yesterday after banks argued selling their ... Continue reading
  8. Could You Survive a Blizzard?
    How do you survive if you become trapped in your vehicle during a blizzard? With winter fast approaching, this is a good question. The last few years have seen unseasonably cold and snowy winters in the U.S. Along with sustained cold temperatures, many regions experienced blizzard conditions including heavy snow fall and accumulation, combined with strong winds. Numerous areas were affected, including thousands of miles of roads ranging from major commuter highways down to narrow, twisty mountain roads. This became a recipe for motorists getting stuck in their vehicles during these tough weather conditions and they did. Blizzards and winter storms are generally forecast by our ... Continue reading
  9. No Need for Immigration
    Beginning in 2015 and escalating from then on, skilled workers from all over the world will have the digital equivalent of green cards. They will be legal to hire. They will flood into America’s middle-class job markets. The last major barrier is coming down: the language barrier. Mercantilism is about to get hammered in the world’s labor markets. The free market is about to score another victory. Skype will soon announce to the unemployed, college-educated, 20-something workers of the world: “Y’all come!” From China, from India, from Singapore, from Latin America, from Spain, and from Greece they will come. They ... Continue reading
  10. 2015: a Downhill Run for the Dollar?
    Rosy GDP numbers may have cheered the masses, but John Williams of says we're a long way from prosperity. In this interview with The Gold Report, Williams debunks the myth of economic recovery and warns that we still have serious debts to settle. That is why he is recommending caution in 2015 to preserve purchasing power and maintain your standard of living. The Gold Report: Your hyperinflation report predicted 2014 would be dominated by economic distress, financial crisis and panics. Were you surprised by the performance of the economy this year? John Williams: No, at least not in terms of the ... Continue reading
  11. The Delirium Phase
    Virtually every day there is an eruption of lunacy from one central bank or another somewhere in the world. Today it was the Swiss central bank’s turn, and it didn’t pull any punches with regard to Russian billionaires seeking a safe haven from the ruble-rubble in Moscow or investors from all around its borders fleeing Mario Draghi’s impending euro-trashing campaign. The essence of its action was that your money is not welcome in Switzerland; and if you do bring it, we will extract a rental payment from your deposits. For the time being, that levy amounts to a negative 25 bps on deposits with the Swiss Central ... Continue reading
  12. Shake Your Bottle of Champagne
    Most people hoping to celebrate with glass or two of champagne this festive season will probably try to avoid agitating their bottle of bubbly before serving. Shaking bottles of champagne has become widely associated with flying corks and the kind of messy spraying of liquid normally restricted to the winners podium in Formula One. But new research now suggests that actually giving your bottle of champagne a good shake before serving may help to reduce the risk of unwanted explosions upon opening. French scientists have found that vigorously shaking a bottle of champagne can actually decrease the pressure that builds ... Continue reading

BlackListed News

  1. 2 U.S. Government Agencies Say FBI’s Anthrax Case Is Full of Holes
    Here is the GAO report released today, two years in the making, a study done for unnamed “congressional requesters.” In past years, the requesters have been listed, but in this case, they are not. This most likely reflects the sensitivity of this matter. Why so sensitive? Because the FBI botched its investigation, never had even the shred of a case against Ivins, and this is not the first time they were called out on it. The 2011 National Academy of Science (NAS) report pointed out the same things as this GAO report: that FBI and its contractors developed methods that were not validated. They never proved that the anthrax in the letters actually grew from parent spores in Ivins’ flask, as FBI purports. This failed claim forms the linchpin of the FBI’s entire case
  2. America, nation of torturers: Stop saying “this isn’t who we are” — here’s the real truth
    Terrible findings in the torture report “are not who we are,” John Kerry claims. Well, here’s a U.S. history lesson
  3. Obama condemns Sony's decision to drop film, says US must retaliate and pass cyber bill
    Sony Pictures Entertainment should have touched base with the White House before deciding to cancel the release of a controversial movie, United States President Barack Obama said Friday. Weighing in on the major Sony scandal only hours after federal investigators attributed the recent hack to North Korea, Pres. Obama said the Hollywood studio was wrong to pull “The Interview,” a satirical film containing a plot to kill North Korean Pres. Kim Jong Un that was scheduled to be released on Christmas Day. At the same time, though, Obama said the attack should serve as a wake-up call to Congress and prompt lawmakers in Washington, DC to get serious about implementing cybersecurity legislation in the wake of what is only the latest hack to be endured by a major American company.
  4. Jesus Was Tortured And Killed, Today Most Christians Are Highly Supportive Of Torture
    Let's get this straight, Jesus who was interrogated, tortured and then killed has modern followers who actually support government sanctioned torture. If they are Christians and are familiar with his history then they would know what happened and reject such savage methods. Today so-called terrorists are picked up on the street and hurt severely without even being put before a judge and jury. These people are the antithesis of Jesus and have nothing in common with him.
  5. 2 NYPD cops shot dead ‘execution style’ as ‘revenge’ for Garner
    Two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s execution-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown. “It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source said of the 3 p.m. shooting of the two officers, whose names were being withheld pending family notification of their deaths. The tragic heroes were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill when they were shot point-blank in their heads by the lone gunman, who approached them on foot from the sidewalk at the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues in Bed-Stuy.
  6. Ukraine forms 'ministry of truth' to regulate the media
    Ukraine has a new government ministry. This month, the parliament voted to create a ministry of information policy that will be led by Yuriy Stets, the head of the information security department of the national guard. According to the new minister, the information war against Russia cannot be won without it.
  7. Judge Rules Obama's Abuse Of Executive Orders Is "Unconstitutional"
    A federal judge, Judge Arthur J. Schwab of the Western District of Pennsylvania, used a deportation decision to probe the constitutionality of President Obama’s executive order on amnesty, declaring it “unconstitutional.” It is about time that Executive Orders are challenged in court for they are absolutely unconstitutional since they smack of a dictatorial abuse of power that denies the people the right to decide the fate of their nation.
  8. Mayor invites media to discuss police brutality but sneaks away before any questions are asked
    Mayor Hancock held a round-table on race relations and excessive force by police on Friday, a perfect time to ask about the videos on this same issue.
  9. Top FBI-Connected Cyber Crime Fighter Doubts North Korea Behind Sony Hack
    In an exclusive interview with one of the world’s leading cyber crime fighters doubts that North Korea was behind the Sony hack. “I have specialized in investigating and catching cyber criminals for nearly 15 years. This just doesn’t make sense,” says Christopher Davis, a cyber security expert and the only Canadian and one of the few non-FBI employees to receive an FBI Director’s Award.
  10. Houston P.D. Orders All Officers Turn Off Body Cameras During Protest
    Remington Alessi was arrested on Saturday December 13 in Houston, Texas. He was arrested while engaging in a nonviolent protest against police brutality. He gives us his account of what he learned in the back of a squad car. “We’re going to go ahead and turn off the personal video devices going forward, so be sure all officers have them turned off when engaging the protesters.” The words cut through me and chilled my spine as I sat, helplessly handcuffed in the back of a Houston Police cruiser after being arrested in the midst of a protest.
  11. Russian Roulette: Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for Trillions in Oil Derivatives
    The sudden dramatic collapse in the price of oil appears to be an act of geopolitical warfare against Russia. The result could be trillions of dollars in oil derivative losses; and the FDIC could be liable, following repeal of key portions of the Dodd-Frank Act last weekend. Senator Elizabeth Warren charged Citigroup last week with “holding government funding hostage to ram through its government bailout provision.” At issue was a section in the omnibus budget bill repealing the Lincoln Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act, which protected depositor funds by requiring the largest banks to push out a portion of their derivatives business into non-FDIC-insured subsidiaries.
  12. Dollar's Strength could be Global Economy's Weakness, Says BIS Report
    Global financial advisors have warned that the growing strength of the US dollar poses a threat to the stability of emerging economies. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), often referred to as the central bankers' bank, has warned that fragility in financial markets could have an acute impact on the global economy, especially in emerging economies like India and China.
  13. French ex-airline boss claims cover-up on MH370
    Former airline boss and famous French author Marc Dugain argued Thursday that there had been a cover-up in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, speculating that the passenger jet could have been hacked and then shot down by the US.
  14. Creep of the Week: Convicted Wall Street trader sues customer who turned him in!
    A former Jefferies & Co. managing director convicted of fraud for lying to customers about the price of mortgage-backed securities sued the AllianceBernstein Holding LP (AB) executive who reported him. Jesse C. Litvak sued Michael Canter, head of the securitized assets group at New York-based AllianceBernstein, in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan yesterday, accusing him of using “wrongful, unfair or improper means” to interfere with his employment, directly resulting in his termination.
  15. The CIA Experimented on Human Beings
    Human experimentation was a core feature of the CIA’s torture program. The experimental nature of the interrogation and detention techniques is clearly evident in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s executive summary of its investigative report, despite redactions (insisted upon by the CIA) to obfuscate the locations of these laboratories of cruel science and the identities of perpetrators. At the helm of this human experimentation project were two psychologists hired by the CIA, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. They designed interrogation and detention protocols that they and others applied to people imprisoned in the agency’s secret “black sites.”