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  1. Study: Antarctica Was Once As Warm As California 2014-04-24
  2. Ukraine Said to Receive IMF Staff Support for $17 Billion Loan 2014-04-24
  3. After secret air surveillance of Compton, mayor wants protections 2014-04-24
  4. Russia Will Pay a Big Price for Ukraine Crisis, Hillary Clinton Warns 2014-04-24
  5. Gold turns higher on Ukraine worries, options buying 2014-04-24
  6. After Bundy Ranch Fiasco, Reid and Co. Exposed as Real Extremists 2014-04-24
  7. Boehner mocks colleagues on Congress over immigration reform 2014-04-24
  8. All New England Could Fit on BLM Land in Nevada; BLM Owns 0 Acres in New England 2014-04-24
  9. Report: Obama Admin Never Defined Al Qaeda 2014-04-24
  10. Bryan Singer Pulls Out of ‘X-Men’ Promos, Calls Sex Abuse Allegations ‘False, Vicious’ 2014-04-24
  11. Police Chief: Not Wanting To Talk To Police Officers Is ‘Odd’ 2014-04-24
  12. New Lawsuit Claims FBI Used No Fly List To Pressure Muslims Into Becoming Informants 2014-04-24
  13. A Legal Way to Kill? 2014-04-24
  14. California Shoots Down ‘kill switch’ Legislation for Smartphones 2014-04-24
  15. Texas County Facing Bankruptcy–Due to Illegal Immigration 2014-04-24
  16. Female Dem Candidate Accuses Democrats of ‘War on Women’ 2014-04-24
  17. Holder Cancels speech, appearance in OKC amid angry protests 2014-04-24
  18. Hillary Clinton: Make the Russian People Pay for Resistance to Ukraine Junta 2014-04-24
  19. GMO Bill One Step from Becoming Law in Vermont 2014-04-24
  20. 53% Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People 2014-04-24
  21. #MyNYPD Twitter Campaign Backfires Big Time, Spreads Worldwide 2014-04-24
  22. Freedom Under Assault: “I Don’t Care If Cliven Bundy is a Racist” 2014-04-24
  23. Decades After Clinton’s Failure to Control Media, Politicians Now Simply Attack Free Speech 2014-04-24
  24. Sen. Reid Responds to Bundy Racism Claims, Forgets His Own Racist Remarks 2014-04-24
  25. Cliven Bundy Responds to New York Times Racism Report 2014-04-24

  1. Luke Rudkowski interviews Russ Tice 2014-04-23
  3. September 11th and the Academy 2014-04-20
  4. 9/11: The Devil's in the details 2014-04-14
  5. "Wall Street genius" Mark Gorton publishes summary of "ruthless secret cabal that assassinated JFK and planned 9/11." 2014-04-11
  6. The CIA in Kuwait: Parallels to a 9/11 Suspect 2014-04-07
  7. Rep. Jim McDermott -- questions about Building 7 are legitimate and merit further investigation 2014-04-04
  8. An Update from Canada: Controversial ReThink911 Canadian Tour Draws Mainstream News Coverage 2014-04-01
  9. It’s NOT Too Late to Try Bush, Cheney and Obama for War Crimes 2014-03-30
  10. The Holocaust, Mind Control, and 9/11 2014-03-25
  11. Confronting Cognitive Dissonance - The Eyeopener 2014-03-25
  12. PART 7: Legislators, Pundits & 9/11 Controlled Demolition Questions 2014-03-24
  13. Cass Sunstein: Still Plagued by his Imaginary Conspiracy Theorists 2014-03-20
  14. ReThink911 Toronto Subway Ad Published on Mar 17, 2014 2014-03-18
  15. Join Me in Supporting a New WTC 7 Investigation 2014-03-18
  16. The 9/11 Joint Congressional Inquiry and 28 Missing Pages 2014-03-16
  17. 9/11: Hard Evidence DavidChandler911 Published on Mar 13, 2014 2014-03-13
  18. Bob McIlvaine: "Let us come together to support the High-Rise Safety Initiative" 2014-03-13
  19. Victims’ families demand release of 28 pages from 9/11 report 2014-03-13
  20. 9/11: The Best Physical Evidence of Explosives- DavidChandler911 Published on Mar 7, 2014 2014-03-13
  21. Pretexts for War: How the public is deceived into fighting 2014-03-11
  22. The Path to a World Beyond War 2014-03-09
  23. Being smeared as a "9/11 Truther" in the MSM 2014-03-07
  24. Glenn Greenwald lauds bravery of RT’s Abby Martin, then NY Times outs her as 9/11 Truther 2014-03-05
  25. Bill Moyers - The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight - February 21, 2014 2014-03-01
  26. The U.S. and Its Allies Had Contact with Bin Laden and the 9/11 Hijackers Many Times Before 9/11 2014-02-26
  27. William Pepper, Attorney at Law, Pursuing NIST 2014-02-24
  28. The Sound of Silence in Academia Connected to 9/11: Lars Schall interviews Adnan Zuberi 2014-02-22
  29. Kevin Ryan: Another Nineteen - Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects 2014-02-15
  30. ReThink911 Canada Tour Promo Video 2014-02-14


  1. A Leading Indicator of Financial Trouble

    Saudi Arabia is scheduled to begin building the world’s tallest tower next week, which will soar 1km in to the sky when completed, reports The Telegraph. The Kingdom Tower in the coastal city of Jeddah will measure 3,280 feet (1km), some 568 feet (173 meters) taller than the current Guinness world record holder, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which stands at 2,716 feet (827 metres). Does this signal another global economic crash is near/ Economist Mark Thronton has written in the past: The skyscraper index, created by economist Andrew Lawrence shows a correlation between the construction of the world's tallest building and the business cycle. ... Continue reading
  2. Propagandist for Centralized Power
    A recent study from Princeton and Northwestern concluded that the United States is an “oligarchy” ruled by a small group of wealthy elites and interest groups. According to authors Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page: The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence. Fortunately for The Average Joe, however, his stated policy preferences happen to coincide with the desires of the wealthy elites much of the time, (according to the study) so ... Continue reading
  3. Thoughtcrime Is Worse Than Mass Murder
    As any reasonably well-informed attorney knows, if a police officer follows a driver long enough he will witness a violation that supposedly justifies a traffic stop. Once this happens, the officer will “build the stop” by seeking a pretext to search the vehicle for evidence of violations that can lead to an arrest of the driver, or seizure of the vehicle and its contents. Cliven Bundy, among others, can testify that Regime-oriented journalism operates in a very similar fashion: Have a reporter from the New York Times shadow a 67-year-old Mormon rancher from southeastern Nevada long enough, and eventually the subject ... Continue reading
  4. Don’t Store Your Gold and Silver in a ‘Safe’ Deposit Box
    Many silver and gold buyers forget one of the main reasons to buy physical silver and gold bullion today is due to the world's current fragile financial system. Some even make the mistake of buying physical bullion and then storing it in a Safe Deposit Box at their local bank. Why is that a mistake? Safe "deposits" held within regulated bank boxes are not very safe, nor private, nor FDIC insured deposits. Here are some major drawbacks of putting bullion into Safe Deposit Boxes: - Most likely not insured by the bank. - In the USA, the FDIC does not ... Continue reading
  5. 27 Etiquette Rules for Our Times
    “It is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built upon a renunciation of instinct,” Sigmund Freud said. There’s always a tension between how much we should follow our instincts and how much we should yield to social conventions. But at times like ours, the tendency is to tilt too far toward our instincts, since the conventions are changing fast and there’s no consensus about them anyway. There’s a risk in that. You don’t know whom you might be offending or how you might be sabotaging your own success. The original etiquette manuals of Western civilization were in ... Continue reading
  6. Cancer Genetics
    Geneticists have made a stunning breakthrough, at least in their own minds.  Though not quite ready for human application, they have “edited” DNA to cure a disease in an adult animal. News reports don’t quite put this development into perspective.  It is one thing to insert a new gene in animal eggs so the next generation can benefit but quite another to do this in a fully developed adult with full-blown disease.  What this means is that single-gene mutation diseases humans were born with can possibly be cured today, not just corrected in the next generation. Now only a small ... Continue reading
  7. Feds, Keep Your Sticky Fingers Off Bitcoin
    Answer by Ron Paul, Former Congressman from Texas, on Quora, Bitcoin is a very interesting subject because for many years in Congress, I was a champion of legalizing competition in currencies. We have a terrible monetary system today. We have a government that purposely counterfeits and debases the currencies and I believe that the alternative would be a competition. That means that anything that wants to substitute for the American dollar should be permitted. There should be no prohibitions; there should not be a monopoly and a cartel running our monetary system because it so often benefits the privileged few. We certainly saw this ... Continue reading
  8. Is It Better To Be a Cad?
    Gentlemen don’t spend their time reading lists about what makes a gentleman. So it was with a dash of irony that Country Life magazine produced a guide on how to be a proper gent in the 21st century – and a great deal of it was self-evident. Always be prompt, consider your word your bond, never write with a biro and don’t wear pre-tied bowties. Some I’d disagree with (“Never walk out during a play” could prove foolish in the event of a fire) and others are downright odd. Gentlemen, apparently, make love on their elbows. In order to make it easier ... Continue reading
  9. What Consent of the Governed?
    Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Likely U.S. Voters now fear the federal government, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Forty-seven percent (47%) do not, but another 17% are not sure. Perhaps in part that’s because 54% consider the federal government today a threat to individual liberty rather than a protector. Just 22% see the government as a protector of individual rights, and that’s down from 30% last November. Slightly more (24%) are now undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) As recently as December 2012, voters were evenly divided on this question: 45% said the federal government was a ... Continue reading
  10. A Do-Good State?
    If enough people contribute voluntarily to the cause of food stamps, then there is no rationale for the U.S. government to force unwilling persons to pay for its program. On the other hand, if not enough people are willing to contribute voluntarily, then why should the U.S. government force unwilling people to pay for it? The answer we will get is that feeding people is a good cause, just as sending soldiers and jets to Poland is a good cause in the eyes of many. And if people are unwilling to support these good causes, then the argument goes that ... Continue reading
  11. Libertarianism So Thick It Is Unrecognizable
    Thanks to Robert Wenzel, today I came across this dandy of a post, entitled “Six Reasons Libertarians Should Reject the Non-Aggression Principle, by Matt Zwolinski. Matt Zwolinski is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego, and co-director of USD’s Institute for Law and Philosophy. He has published numerous articles at the intersection of politics, law, economics, with a special focus on issues of exploitation and political libertarianism. He is the editor of Arguing About Political Philosophy (Routledge, 2009), and is currently writing two books: Exploitation, Capitalism, and the State and, with John Tomasi, Libertarianism: A Bleeding Heart History. The latter is under contract with ... Continue reading
  12. The Last Russian Princesses
    Born into immense wealth, the four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II grew up largely hidden from public view and little was known about them – until now. Author Helen Rappaport reveals how, just when they were able to start engaging with the wider world, events in Russia overtook them. It is now almost 50 years since Robert K Massie’s acclaimed biography Nicholas and Alexandra first brought the story of Russia’s last Imperial Family to a wider audience in the West. In the wake of its huge success, a wealth of glossy coffee-table books have perpetuated the haunting image of the ... Continue reading

  1. What Happens if Eastern European Countries Grasp That They Are Merely Pawns in the Neocon Dream of World Domination?
    On 21 February, the day the Yanukovich government collapsed, cocktail hour at the U.S. State Department must have been one rip roaring, hours-long, high-five fiesta. The many billions the US had invested in a string of attempts to undermine an elected government in a former Soviet republic had finally paid off.
  2. FCC To Allow Commercial Discrimination on the Internet
    According to press reports the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will propose new net neutrality rules this Thursday. It's been reported that the updated rules will prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating or blocking websites. However, ISPs would be able to charge companies for preferential treatment if the ISPs' discrimination is commercially reasonable.
  3. Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital’s secret list
    At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list.
  4. Spy device Tweets private conversations
    A tiny new spy device aims to automatically transcribe and Tweet overheard conversations. It's called Conversnitch. Brian House and Kyle McDonald are behind the eavesdropping device.
  5. North Dakota Finds More Radioactive Oil Waste
    North Dakota confirmed Thursday the discovery of a new radioactive dump of waste from oil drilling, and separately a company hired to clean up waste found in February at another location said it removed double the amount of radioactive material originally estimated to be there.
  6. Fighting Breaks Out As Ukraine Deploys Tanks, APCs, Troops In Slavyansk: Deaths Reported
    A day after the acting government in Kiev announced the Geneva agreement is void and that it would once again send special forces to deal with "terrorists" in east Ukraine, it had made good on its promise and over the past few hours, Ukrainian tanks, APCs and other special forces troops took control of a checkpoint north of Slavyansk on Thursday, following what numerous reports confirm was an exchange of gunfire.
  7. Banker Death ‘Epidemic’ Spreads To China
    Until now, the terrible trail of dead bankers has been only among US and European financial executives. However, as Caixin reports, the increasing pressures on the Chinese banking system appear to have take their first toll. Li Jianhua, director of China’s Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), died this morning due to a “sudden heart attack” – he was less than 49 years old. Li was among the main drafters on new “caveat emptor” market-based rules on China’s shadowy banking system and recently said in an interview that “now is not only a time to control risk, but to transform the trust industry.. if it’s too loose, it’s a big problem.” Li was found by his wife.
  8. Pentagon Shows Off Terminator-Like Robot… For Humanitarian Missions
    The Atlas robot prototype is envisioned as a tool to rescue people trapped under debris and that kind of thing, so don’t even thing about skulls being crushed under the treads of killer robots like in the first Terminator movie because that’s totally wrong, silly.
  9. Meet world's first married lesbian THREESOME . . . and they're expecting a baby due in July
    The world's only 'married' lesbian threesome are expecting their first child. Doll, Kitten and Brynn, from Massachusetts, were joined together in a marriage-style ceremony last August and are expecting a daughter in July.
  10. Feds Beg Supreme Court to Let Them Search Phones Without a Warrant
    American law enforcement has long advocated for universal “kill switches” in cellphones to cut down on mobile device thefts. Now the Department of Justice argues that the same remote locking and data-wiping technology represents a threat to police investigations–one that means they should be free to search phones without a warrant.
  11. Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hr Ultimatum Or “We Will Fight”
    Ukraine’s foreign ministry has given Russia a 48-hour ultimatum to explain its military exercises near the nation’s border; or, as foreign minister Andriy Deshschytisa warns “we will now fight with Russia troops.”
  12. US Workers Were Once Massacred Fighting for the Protections Being Rolled Back Today
    On April 20, 1914, the Colorado National Guard and a private militia employed by the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (CF&I) opened fire on a tent camp of striking coal miners at Ludlow, Colo. At least 19 people died in the camp that day, mostly women and children.
  13. 12 Numbers Which Prove That Americans Are Sick And Tired Of Politics As Usual
    The American people are increasingly waking up to the fact that nothing ever seems to change in Washington D.C. no matter which political party is in power. In fact, as you will see later on in this article, an all-time high 53 percent of all Americans believe that neither party "represents the American people".
  14. VIDEO: Cops Zip-tie 75-Year-Old Grandmother in Botched Raid
    A 75-year-old Virginia woman says she was tied up and interrogated this week after police raided her home.
  15. Two Former LA Sheriff Deputies Charged With Planting Guns At Marijuana Dispensary
    We seem to have a fair number of controversies generated by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department or the Los Angeles Police Department lately. Notably, when officers were recently found to have disabled cameras on police cars, the Chief of Police decided not to pursue the officers for criminal charges or termination.