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  1. American Teenage Girls Detained in Germany, Apparently on Way to Syria to Join ISIS 2014-10-22
  2. Cops Train Guns on Journalists After Shooting in Canada 2014-10-22
  3. Saudis sentence 13 in al-Qaeda plot to attack US forces 2014-10-22
  4. North Korea releases one of three detained Americans 2014-10-22
  5. Ferguson Protests Dwindle As Leaked Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Tried to Grab Cop’s Gun 2014-10-22
  6. Red Cross chief: Ebola travel bans are ‘irrational,’ and won’t stop infections 2014-10-22
  7. Faulty airbags warning expanded to 6.1 million US cars 2014-10-22
  8. War on marijuana unconstitutional, doctors testify in federal court Monday 2014-10-22
  9. Lubbock Smoking Ban Could Expand to Regulation Inside Cars and Homes 2014-10-22
  10. McScam: The Unseen Winners Behind McDonalds Monopoly 2014-10-22
  11. Video: Busker’s Unlawful Arrest Prompts Protests On NY Subway 2014-10-22
  12. Why Gov. Can’t Save You From Ebola 2014-10-22
  13. Market Turmoil Ahead? ‘Fear Index’ Shows Unprecedented Activity 2014-10-22
  14. Hollow Justice and Courts of Order in an Age of Government-Sanctioned Tyranny 2014-10-22
  15. California Cops Try to Intimidate Man from Recording Public Training Exercise 2014-10-22
  16. Why Gov. Can’t Save You From Ebola 2014-10-22
  17. The Fall Of McDonalds: Special Report 2014-10-22
  18. Tennessee Woman Sentenced to Jail for Not Mowing Her Lawn 2014-10-22
  19. 10 Things About The U.S. News Media That They Do Not Want You To Know 2014-10-22
  20. The Walking Dead Predicted the Ebola Outbreak! 2014-10-21
  21. Pew Study: Drudge Report More Trusted Than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS 2014-10-21
  22. School Inoculates Third Grader in ‘Vaccine Pilot Program’ without Parental Permission 2014-10-21
  23. Fact: The Government Can’t Protect You From Famine 2014-10-21
  24. McCain blames Assad for ISIS? 2014-10-21
  25. Firefighter Claims Small Community Received 300 Body Bags for Ebola 2014-10-21

  1. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 9 - Michael Springmann 2014-10-16
  2. Lars Schall and Paul Zarembka Dissect the 9/11 Insider Trading 2014-10-16
  3. The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11 2014-10-06
  4. Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11? Parts 10 & 11 Written by Frances T. Shure 2014-10-03
  5. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 6 - Lorie Van Auken 2014-09-27
  6. Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception - James Corbett • 09/25/2014 2014-09-24
  7. The 1993 WTC Bombing Damage Myth 2014-09-21
  8. Lee Hamilton - the debate about WTC 7 continues 2014-09-17
  9. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 5 - Coleen Rowley 2014-09-16
  10. The Smoking Guns of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks 2014-09-15
  11. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: White House Staffers' Actions on 9/11, President Apparently in Danger, and More 2014-09-15
  12. Why are the ASCE Journals being dishonest and misleading concerning how the WTC Towers collapsed? 2014-09-13
  13. New Letter at the Journal of 9/11 Studies 2014-09-13
  14. Never Forget … Countries from Around the World Admit They Use False Flag Terror 2014-09-10
  15. Dan Rather's Most Interesting and Controversial 9/11 Reports 2014-09-10
  16. The Day Before 9/11: Suspicious Events of Sept. 10, 2001 2014-09-10
  17. NSA Whistleblower Joins AE911Truth in Calling for Real 9/11 Investigation - GRTV Feature Interview 2014-09-09
  18. Why Hasn't Obama Kept Promise To Declassify 28 Pages Of A Report About 9/11? 2014-09-08
  19. Huge 45 foot digital billboard near Times Square will show video of the collapse of WTC7, millions will see it 2014-09-04
  20. Letter to the Editor - Daily Reflector - Greenville NC 2014-09-03
  21. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 3 - Erik Larson 2014-09-02
  22. The 2001 Anthrax Deception: A New Book from Graeme MacQueen 2014-08-31
  23. William Binney– former NSA Technical Director-- signs AE911Truth petition 2014-08-30
  24. #Declassify 2014-08-21
  25. Why Intelligent People Fear the Truth August 21, 2014 | By WakingTimes 2014-08-21
  26. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 1 - Jenna Orkin 2014-08-20
  27. TMR 079 : Kevin Ryan : On Why NIST's 9/11 WTC Reports are False and Unscientific 2014-08-16
  28. Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse-About 9/11? Part 9: Brain Research, Part 2 – Moral Psychology 2014-08-10
  29. NSA Lied About Knowledge Of 2 9/11 Hijackers In U.S., Didn't Inform The FBI 2014-08-09
  30. C-SPAN Washington Journal: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth 2014-08-01


  1. US Bureaucracy Is Losing Its Mind, and Its Grip
    Some of you will scoff. “North has gone round the bend this time.” On the contrary: the United States government has gone round the bend . . . again. I begin with North’s law of bureaucracy: “Some bureaucrat will inevitably enforce an official rule to the point of utter imbecility.” There are no known exceptions to this law. It is right up there with the second law of thermodynamics. But you want evidence. I offer this: a recent article in The Scotsman, whose very name exudes both high culture and low, low prices. Let me also invoke the words of Dave ... Continue reading
  2. 22 Ways To Get a Better Night’s Sleep
    Last week we discussed the nature of sleep and why it’s so important that you get enough of it. If you’ve had trouble falling asleep for years, the information may have made you feel more frustrated than inspired. Fear not! Today we’ll take a look at a wide range of tips for slumbering soundly, night after night. If you’ve been getting okay sleep, my goal is that you’ll find a tip that can help you make it much better. Before we begin, the important thing to understand is that getting a good night’s sleep is an all-day affair. How you wake up, what ... Continue reading
  3. The US Promised Not To Weaponize Ebola
    German High Government Official Seeks Washington’s Reassurance that the US did Not Weaponize the Species of Ebola that Germany Made Available to Washington Washington has not provided the reassurance. By providing the virus to Washington prior to effective reassurances, Germany is complicit in the breakout of a bio-warfare grade of ebola, which has now spread to the US and Europe. At this point, it is not clear that this ebola strain will be contained or whether Washington has any intention or ability to contain it. The arrogance and inhumanity of Washington is beyond comprehension. US Army withheld promise from Germany that ... Continue reading
  4. Don’t Become a Debt Slave
    Who can afford to spend $30,000 – the average purchase price paid as of 2013 – on a new car? The answer is … very few. Most new car “buyers” are in fact debtors. They sign loan documents and make monthly payments. Typically, for five years, the length of the average new car loan. Some extend this to six years – and sevenyears is not unheard of. Some of you may remember when the typical new car loan was three years. What’s happened? Several things. First – and most obviously – cars have become more expensive in real/inflation-adjusted terms. In 1970, a full-size family car – something like ... Continue reading
  5. The Rich Man’s Panic of 2014
    The rumors we were reporting on the street about the Hedge Funds appear to be true. They have been unable to see time as so often the case and have been hit with the worst losses in Industry’s history since 2011. This may indeed contribute to what we see with the postponement of the Phase Transition being set in motion with the rush into bonds. This is turning out to be the “Rich Man’s Panic of 2014″ that has produced a bloodbath among many hedge funds who often trade-off of just opinion interspersed with fundamentals. This is shaping up to be perhaps ... Continue reading
  6. Pro-Gold Guys Ahead in Switzerland
    The first poll of how the Swiss people will vote in the “Save Our Swiss Gold” initiative on November 30th shows that the Swiss are leaning towards voting for the pro-gold initiative. Gold Initiative Poll Results -  20 Minuten The poll had quite a large sample of 13,397 people from all over Switzerland who participated in the first phase of the 20 Minuten online survey on October 15. The poll shows that 45% approve the Swiss gold initiative and 39% are against. There are 29% firm yes voters and 28% firm no voters (see graph). The poll shows 16% are leaning towards a ... Continue reading
  7. Fight the Deep State
    The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, said Thomas Jefferson. We must remain vigilant individually and collectively- that is, if we value our liberties and integrity. We must utilize all we can in our fight against those who stand between us and our liberties. There are collective actions that we can take. No one can deny the power of a united front in taking on the establishment: collective protests, collective boycotting, social networking to spread blacked-out information and new … There also are many actions that we can take as individuals. At its face value, each individual action and its ... Continue reading
  8. The Dangers of Ancestor Worship
    Murray Rothbard pointed out in “Anatomy of the State” that worship of one’s ancestors “becomes a none too subtle means of worship of one’s ancient rulers.” I think this point has been vastly understated since then.  This phenomenon represents a large factor explaining why there is such momentum behind state worship in our time.  On those occasions when I have been allowed to have in-depth conversations that get to the roots of people’s undying devotion to statism, I often hit a common nerve after most of the logical reasons to oppose statism are admitted too.  (Getting to this point is ... Continue reading
  9. Ebola: a Scurvy-Like Illness?
    This past weekend, I travelled to Indiana to give a lecture.  During my driving time, I was thinking about the Ebola problem.  Ebola eventually kills by causing massive bleeding.  Patients suffering with Ebola may bleed out of every orifice as well as from the nipples. To cure Ebola, the media has been reporting that there is a race to bring a vaccine to market.  However, a vaccine probably won’t help those already infected with Ebola.  Other pharmaceutical companies are researching anti-viral drugs that will kill Ebola. At present there is no Big Pharma treatment for Ebola.  The CDC recognizes this fact.  The CDC states, ... Continue reading
  10. Is the Chair of St. Peter Vacant?
    Normally a synod of Catholic bishops does not provide fireworks rivaling the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where Mayor Richard Daley's boys in blue ran up the score on the radicals in Grant Park. But, on Oct. 13, there emanated from the Synod on the Family in Rome a 12-page report from a committee picked by Pope Francis himself — and the secondary explosions have not ceased. The report recognized the "positive aspects of civil unions and cohabitation" and said "homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community." As for Catholics who divorce and remarry without ... Continue reading
  11. Governments, as Parasites, Feast on Inflation
    In an article in the UK's Telegraph on October 10, veteran economic correspondent Ambrose Evans-Pritchard laid bare the essential truth of the nearly universal current embrace of inflation as an economic panacea. While politicians, CEOs and economists talk about demand stimulus and the avoidance of a deflationary trap, Evans-Pritchard reminds us that inflation is all, and always, about debt management. Every year the levels of government debt as a percentage of GDP, for both emerging market and developed economies, continue to go higher and higher. As the ratios push out into uncharted territories, particularly in Europe's southern tier, the ability to ... Continue reading
  12. The Battle for Raw Milk
    By Dr. Mercola Raw milk dairy products from organically raised pasture-fed cows rank among some of the healthiest foods you can consume. It’s far superior in terms of health benefits compared to pasteurized milk, and if statistics are any indication, it’s safer, too. While many believe that milk must be pasteurized before it can be safely consumed, it’s worth remembering that raw milk was consumed for eons before the invention of pasteurization. It’s also important to realize that pasteurization is only really required for certain kinds of milk; specifically that from cows raised in crowded and unsanitary conditions, which is what you ... Continue reading

  1. Obama Chip to PIN Exec Order Brought to You By Visa & MasterCard
    President Obama has taken the reins in signing an executive order to implement the BuySecure Initiative (BSI) to “provide consumers with more tools to secure their financial future by assisting victims of identity theft, improving the Government’s payment security as a customer and a provider, and accelerating the transition to stronger security technologies and the development of next-generation payment security tools.”
  2. Ancient Roman Nanotechnology Inspires Next-Generation Holograms for Information Storage
    The Lycurgus Cup, as it is known due to its depiction of a scene involving King Lycurgus of Thrace, is a 1,600-year-old jade green Roman chalice that changes colour depending on the direction of the light upon it. It baffled scientists ever since the glass chalice was acquired by the British Museum in the 1950s, as they could not work out why the cup appeared jade green when lit from the front but blood red when lit from behind.
  3. Complete Failure: Chicago's Speed Camera Traps Fail To Bring In The Revenue Mayor Emanuel Counted Upon
    Speed cameras, just like their red-light camera brethren, have been pretty well established as nothing more than revenue machines for local municipalities. Their application results in a myriad of issues, such as the fact that the cameras don't work, not to mention that the cameras don't work, oh, and the cameras don't work and the companies behind them might try to fudge the evidence if you dispute a ticket.
  4. All the Markets Need Is $200 Billion a Quarter From the Central Bankers
    The central-bank put lives on. Policy makers deny its existence, yet investors still reckon that whenever stocks and other risk assets take a tumble, the authorities will be there with calming words or economic stimulus to ensure the losses are limited.
  5. How To Start A War, And Lose An Empire
    At that time the stakes weren't very high yet. There was much noise around a fellow named Magnitsky, a corporate lawyer-crook who got caught and died in pretrial custody. He had been holding items for some bigger Western crooks, who were, of course, never apprehended. The Americans chose to treat this as a human rights violation and responded with the so-called “Magnitsky Act” which sanctioned certain Russian individuals who were labeled as human rights violators. Russian legislators responded with the “Dima Yakovlev Bill,” named after a Russian orphan adopted by Americans who killed him by leaving him in a locked car for nine hours. This bill banned American orphan-killing fiends from adopting any more Russian orphans. It all amounted to a silly bit of melodrama.
  6. 10 Things About The U.S. News Media That They Do Not Want You To Know
    Do you trust the news media? Do you believe that the information that they are giving you is true and accurate? If you answered yes to either of those questions, that places you in a steadily shrinking minority.
  7. Sugary soft drinks linked to accelerated DNA ageing – study
    Consumption of sugary soda drinks such as cola and lemonade may be linked to accelerated DNA ageing, say researchers who have studied the impact of the drinks in more than 5,000 people.
  8. US Pentagon weapon-silencer probe ‘may point to rogue operation’
    A complex criminal investigation into the procurement of weapon silencers by the United States Department of Defense may point to what one American newspaper described on Thursday as a “rogue operation”. The case concerns the Directorate for Plans, Policy, Oversight and Integration —an obscure Pentagon office staffed by a dozen or so civilian employees.
  9. Going Cashless: Denmark's central bank to stop producing money
    In addition to the rise in alternative paying options, the central bank also said that today’s banknotes and coins are better recirculated into the economy and made of a better quality that ensures a longer shelf life. When viewed as a whole, the bank has determined that note and coin production is no a longer financially sound option.
  10. The Most 'Distrusted' News Sources In America
    You know there's a problem with the media when Al-Jazeera is trusted more than NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. As Pew research's Journalism Project shows in the following table, the study attempted to measure not just whether people had heard of a variety of news sources, but which ones they really trusted when it came time to get straight info about politics and governments.
  11. UK Reaper drones ready to attack Isis in Syria and Iraq
    British aircraft have been readied for flights over Syria in the war against Isis. Armed Reaper drones which have been moved from Afghanistan are going to be used in missions in the heartland of the Islamist extremists, The Independent has learnt.
  12. Russian bases to span entire Arctic border by end of 2014
    Russia will have military control of the entirety of its 6,200 km Arctic coastal zone by the end of 2014, just a year after Moscow announced its ambitious plan to build military presence in the region, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced.
  13. US Government Moves to Dismiss Lawsuit Against ‘Suspicious Activity’ Program Which Keeps Files on Innocent People
    The United States government has moved to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of five US citizens who say they were victims of a domestic surveillance program, which involves the collection of “suspicious activity reports” on individuals.
    Farmers grew 209,000 hectares of opium poppy despite US spending $7.6bn on counter-narcotics efforts since 2001
  15. Apple’s Mac computers can automatically collect your location information
    Apple has begun automatically collecting the locations of users and the queries they type when searching for files with the newest Mac operating system, a function that has provoked backlash for a company that portrays itself as a leader on privacy.