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  1. Demonstrators Close Down Chicago Loop 2015-11-26
  2. Latest Islamic State Video Encourages West to “Bring it On” 2015-11-26
  3. Turkmen Used by Ankara to Attack Syrian Government 2015-11-25
  4. Video: “Moderate Muslims” Support Stoning Women For Adultery, Executing Gays 2015-11-25
  5. How Obama Was Groomed To Usher In A Shiite Caliphate 2015-11-25
  6. Emails: CNN Reporter Coordinated With Hillary Aide To Smear Rand Paul During 2013 Benghazi Hearing 2015-11-25
  7. Ankara Defends ISIS, Turkish Officials Have Financial Interest in Oil Trade with Group – PM Medvedev 2015-11-25
  8. New Trump Ad Shows Hillary Laughing as Benghazi Burns 2015-11-25
  9. Outrage as Military Vehicles, Equipment Taken from Officers in Wake of Obama Order 2015-11-25
  10. EU Ministers Consider Europe-wide CIA-style Intelligence Agency and Increased Border Security Checks 2015-11-25
  11. Family of Euthanized Chihuahua Sues PETA 2015-11-25
  12. Report Calls For Meat Tax To Be High Priority At Paris Climate Change Conference 2015-11-25
  13. We’re Under Psychological War 2015-11-25
  14. Russia Bombards Syrian Rebels Near Site of Downed Russian Jet 2015-11-25
  15. Some Families Living in Philly Public Housing Earn Over $100K 2015-11-25
  16. Russian Jet Pilot Says There Were ‘no warnings’ by Turkey Before Plane Was Shot Down 2015-11-25
  17. French President Visits White House After Paris Attacks, Obama Talks About Kissing Michelle, His Gray Hair 2015-11-25
  18. Local Refugees Deported for Violent Crimes 2015-11-25
  19. Sheriff’s ‘politically incorrect’ Sign Draws Strong Reaction 2015-11-25
  20. Black Friday Begins Early With Online Deals on Meth, Stolen Credit Cards 2015-11-25
  21. Carson Threatens Russia AND American Freedoms 2015-11-25
  22. Middle East: Battle Ground for World War 3 2015-11-25
  23. Dashcam Video Shows Seattle Cops Punching Suspect 17 Times 2015-11-25
  24. ‘Cosmo’ Praises Incest 2015-11-25
  25. US Caught Giving ISIS Missile Launchers 2015-11-25

  1. Pentagon Plane Puzzle + David Chandler: Going Beyond Speculation 2015-11-22
  2. September 2015 Actions of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” 2015-11-20
  3. Architecture Boston Expo/ABX 2015 with AE911Truth 2015-11-18
  4. The New York Times’ 9/11 Propaganda 2015-11-09
  5. Condi Rice: Here's Your 9/11 Smoking Gun 2015-10-30
  6. The Importance of the Official 9/11 Myth 2015-10-26
  7. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: Pre-9/11 Warnings about Al-Qaeda, Cheney's Military Aide on 9/11, and More 2015-10-23
  8. A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1: A Catalyzing Event [trailer] 2015-10-14
  9. How to Spy the 9/11 Lie 2015-10-04
  10. Why Saudi Ties to 9/11 Mean U.S. Ties to 9/11 2015-09-27
  11. 9/11: The North Tower & The "Pile-Driver" That Wasn't 2015-09-25
  12. Air Defense Exercise a Month Before 9/11 Was Based Around Osama Bin Laden Carrying Out an Aerial Attack on Washington 2015-09-17
  13. Jon Stewart Joins 9-11 Firefighters Protest On Capitol Hill - Sep 16, 2015 2015-09-16
  14. Sharyl Attkisson Debuts With 28 Pages Report 2015-09-13
  15. 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money Published on Sep 11, 2015 2015-09-13
  16. Fourteen Facts About 9/11 2015-09-11
  17. 9/11 Bombshells The Media Missed 2015-09-11
  18. Case Convar: Evidence of Foreknowledge of the 9/11 Attacks 2015-09-10
  19. 9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015) Published on Sep 10, 2015 2015-09-10
  20. ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11 2015-09-09
  21. 14th Anniversary of 9/11: Global Interactive Broadcast with Kevin Ryan, Cynthia McKinney, James Corbett and more 2015-08-31
  22. Dr. Graeme MacQueen : Eyewitness Evidence of Explosions in the Twin Towers 2015-08-05
  23. Understanding Oil Qaeda 2015-07-31
  24. U.S. Officials Gave Eerily Prophetic Warnings of an Attack in the Days Before 9/11 2015-07-17
  25. U.S. Intelligence Agencies Mock America in 9/11 Trial 2015-07-12
  26. Why Did Navy Staffers at the Pentagon Fail to Respond to the Attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11? 2015-06-14
  27. Rand Paul, Ron Wyden to Introduce 28 Pages Resolution in Senate 2015-05-29
  28. Even More Admitted False Flag Terror Incidents Come to Light 2015-05-19
  29. Stratesec’s Walker and His Top Secret Business Partners 2015-05-17
  30. Exclusive: 15 Minute Q&A with Richard Gage, AIA, on Resolution 15-6 2015-05-16


  1. The US’s Stealthy Pro-ISIS Coalition

    Turn to page 214 in the book “War-making for Dummies.” You will find: “plan air operations right on your neighbor’s border, zig in and zag out, make rude gestures at enemy pilots, and shoot them down if you can.” On Tuesday this week, the inevitable air clash occurred on the Syrian-Turkish border west of Aleppo.  From what we know so far,  two Russian SU-24 bombers that had been pounding  anti-Damascus  forces on the border  briefly   intruded on Turkish airspace for all of  17 seconds. Turkish  F-16 fighters, clearly pre-positioned in the area,  pounced on the Russians and downed one Sukhoi ... Continue reading

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  2. Outdoor Winter Survival

    Surviving the wilderness in the bitter cold is not for the faint of heart. Record low temperatures could create the need for emergency shelters, especially if you find yourself outdoors and fear exposure. Your Top Priorities In a Cold Environment Your primary concerns in such an unforgiving environment is shelter and water. You want to ensure you can maintain your body heat. One small mistake such as accidently losing a glove or eye protection can cause detrimental issues like hypothermia, frostbite and even snow blindness. In addition, the clothing layers you wear outdoors could make all the difference in the world. Proper layers ... Continue reading

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  3. Don’t Get Stuffed

    Do you dread the holiday battle of the bulge? Right now, you’re probably trying to avoid your kids’ stash of Halloween candy, but in a few short weeks you’ll be trying to figure out how to indulge in your favorite Thanksgiving foods without the button on your pants flying across the room. You might have heard that the average American gains 5-10 pounds over the holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year’s), but the average weight gain is only 1 pound. Though, if you’re already overweight, you’re more likely to gain that 5-10 pounds. That’s comforting, but some of us can’t ... Continue reading

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  4. Getting My Money’s Worth

    A trillion here, a trillion there…. Countless (and unknowable) trillions of dollars are spent annually by NATO / western countries on (so-called) defense spending and (so-called) intelligence spending and (so-called) homeland security spending. There are satellites covering virtually every square inch of inhabited earth; every phone call, email, web site, and internet chat page is monitored.  Before boarding an airplane, passengers are strip-searched.  Armed military patrol every major airport and train station. Every financial transaction monitored, money transfers scrutinized, detailed regulation of every commercial transaction. What do I get for all this effort? The State Department on Monday issued a ... Continue reading

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  5. How Old Are Your Tires?

    We were talking on the air last Saturday about all the loose rubber you see on the road these days.  I suggested much of the problem is underinflated tires.  As many of you head out on the highway for the holidays, taking a few minutes to verify you have the proper tire pressure can save you a breakdown and possibly your life. Back in 2000, I was Chairman of the Ford National Dealer Council at the time when Explorers were rolling over. I was in hundreds of hours of meetings on the subject and did over 150 TV and media ... Continue reading

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  6. The Color of (Fiat) Money

    The color of our money is so iconic, the word “green” has become synonymous with stacks of cash. But that's hardly standard for currency around the world—in fact, many of the paper notes used abroad make ours look rather drab in comparison. So how did the hue end up on our bills in the first place? The first evidence of the color green being used in federal currency dates back to 1861. Before then, the Continental Congress had experimented with issuing notes called “continentals” to fund the Revolutionary War, but they were printed at a such a high volume that ... Continue reading

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  7. Trigger Warning

    In all the recent fuss over symbols of the Confederacy, whether to honor them or get rid of the lot, not much attention has been paid to what that Confederacy was, after all, and why it might  be something that anyone would want to commemorate. Of course one side doesn’t care.  It is sufficient for them that among the attributes of that government was a devotion to the defense of slavery, and about that there is no possibility of rational discussion or gradations of judgment.  What difference do any other attributes make? And the other side is not very articulate ... Continue reading

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  8. What To Be Thankful for

    What if the government’s goal is to perpetuate itself? What if the real levers of governmental power are pulled by agents and diplomats and bureaucrats behind the scenes? What if they stay in power no matter who is elected president or which political party controls Congress? What if the frequent public displays of adversity between the Republicans and the Democrats are just a facade and a charade? What if both major political parties agree on the transcendental issues of our day? What if the leadership of both major political parties believes that our rights are not natural to our humanity ... Continue reading

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  9. Keeping Up With the Rat Pack

    A stunning new book is giving the public a look at some never-before-seen photos of Frank Sinatra and members of the Rat Pack partying with some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Sinatra and pals Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford are seen with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Muhammad Ali in the pictures. There is even a shot of Sinatra enjoying dinner with President John F. Kennedy in the book - called The Rat Pack. The book's publisher, Reel Art Press, writes: 'Frank Sinatra’s legendary clique defined life in the fast lane throughout the late fifties and early sixties, ... Continue reading

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  10. When My Parents Disobeyed FDR

    This week, we’d like to post a fun article by our friend, Sandy Sandfort. Sandy is a wealth of interesting stories, and he has a new website in the works. If you’d like to be notified when it goes live, send a note to: Inertia is a human frailty. Too often, we go along to get along. We conform. Because of this, those who claim authority can get most of us to do their bidding if it comes with a plausible justification and is only incremental. We get nickel-and-dimed to death, the death of a thousand cuts. Back on ... Continue reading

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  11. Your Gallbladder

    When it comes to helping with digestion, the liver and gallbladder work closely. While the liver makes the bile necessary to break down fats into fatty acids, the gallbladder (located beneath the liver) stores that bile until it’s needed in the small intestine. Because of this, it’s very important to keep both organs healthy. Through this article, we will focus on common gallbladder problems and a few natural remedies. Types of Gallbladder Diseases Gallstones (cholelithiasis) If there’s too much cholesterol in the gallbladder, bile can crystallize into small, hard buildups called gallstones. While poor diet is the main cause, heredity ... Continue reading

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  12. War With Russia To Defend ISIS?

    Hey, remember back in those "good ol' days" we called the Cold War when we thought World War Three would begin over some penny-ante border skirmish in Europe? You know, a Soviet plane gets close to the border, we panic, it gets shot down. Then the Soviets decide to shoot down the next plane that tries that again. Then it escalates from there. Well, folks, have a look at this. There. Putin just placed some long-range surface-to-air missiles in Syria. The next Turkish F-16 pilot to play Top Gun is going to get a hotfoot he'll never forget. Ok, but let's get ... Continue reading

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BlackListed News

  1. Billionaire Soros Invests in Ukraine Software Firm
    George Soros is buying a stake in Ukrainian software developer Ciklum Holding Ltd. after committing to invest as much as $1 billion to help the country’s economy earlier this year. The Ukrainian Redevelopment Fund, advised by Soros Fund Management LLC, agreed to buy an undisclosed stake in Ciklum from Danish founder Torben Majgaard and private-equity fund Horizon Capital, according to a statement Wednesday. Horizon was co-founded by Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko.
  2. Buying GOLD Safe-Haven Assets, Not so Safe
    I don’t trust buying gold safe-haven assets, and I have one very simple reason why. You might think a writer who predicted our unfolding financial crisis before the Great Recession began … and who is predicting the global economy will collapse in the final quarter of 2015 … and who is predicting a stock-market crash in 2015 … would be heavily invested in gold; but I have none.
  3. Police Officer Threatens to Arrest American for Calling Politician a “Liar”
    A former city councilman who won summary judgment after a police chief threatened to arrest him for criticizing a public official has settled with the police chief and the Northern California City of Cotati. George Barich, who describes himself as a former newspaper editor, attended an April 2014 City Council meeting where he called city Planning Commissioner Neil Hancock a “liar,” to which Hancock retorted, “You’re the liar,” according to Barich’s January lawsuit in Federal Court.
  4. These 3 judges hold the fate of the Internet in their hands
    Next week, a federal appeals court in Washington will hear one of its biggest cases of the year, one whose outcome will directly affect how Internet providers can alter your experience online.
  5. China Opening “The World’s Biggest Animal Cloning Factory”
    The world’s biggest animal “cloning factory” is due to open in China, producing one million calves a year, sniffer dogs and even genetic copies of the family pet.
  6. China To Open First Military Base In Africa, Signs Deal With Djibouti, US General Says
    China has signed a 10-year deal with the African nation of Djibouti to build a military base there in what would be China's first military base on the continent, U.S. Army Gen. David Rodriguez, commander of U.S. Africa Command, has said. China has long had an economic foothold in Africa, but the base would be an expansion of its military prowess beyond the Asia Pacific region.
  7. British Government Compensates Women Who Spent Years in Fake Relationships with Undercover Cops
    Back then, the public knew little about a covert operation that had been running since 1968. Only a limited number of senior police officers knew about it. Kennedy was one of more than 100 undercover officers who, over the previous four decades, had transformed themselves into fake campaigners for years at a time, assimilating themselves into political groups and hoovering up information about protests that they had helped to organise.
  8. Freemasons fixed inquiry into Titanic to protect Establishment, claims secret archive that lists two million members - including Winston Churchill - and reveals secretive group of elites ruled society for 200 years
    The records are due to be published online by genealogy service Ancestry. While the Masonic connections of figures such as Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Lord Kitchener, Rudyard Kipling and Edward VIII are known, the records offer the first comprehensive view of the reach of Freemasonry at the height of the British Empire.
  9. Footage Reveals Who Shot Down Russian Rescue Helicopter at Syrian Border – And It Looks Pretty Bad
    Footage provided by the FSA purportedly shows Syrian rebels using a U.S.-made TOW missile to finish off a rescue helicopter sent to secure pilots ejected from a downed Russian Su-24 fighter jet. While Russian fighter pilots descended by parachute from a plummeted Su-24, footage allegedly shows Syrian rebels shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and trying to kill them in the air – a violation of the Geneva conventions.
  10. The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex: 7 Infographics You Need to See
  11. German Government Covered Up Terror Attack at Soccer Stadium
    German authorities covered up the fact that explosives were found during an attempted terror attack at a soccer stadium earlier this week, according to an eyewitness who was told to keep quiet about what he saw. Bild newspaper has published the testimony of a paramedic who saw an explosive device in an ambulance before the Germany vs Netherlands game which was canceled on Tuesday night after French intelligence tipped off German authorities about an impending attack involving three bombs to be detonated at the stadium and another two at a bus stop and a train station.
  12. Cat photos take over hashtag after Belgian police request social media blackout
    Over the weekend Belgium’s government placed the capital city, Brussels, under the highest level of alert and conducted a series of raids. During the raids, citizens were asked not to post about police activity. “For security, please respect the radio silence on social media concerning the police operations underway in Brussels,” the police wrote. “Thanks.”
  13. Reporters' car hit by anti-tank missile on Syria-Turkey border (video)
    A Russian journalist has filmed the moment the car he was sitting in was hit by an anti-tank missile in Syria. Three reporters were injured when the shell struck the car on Monday in the village of Dagmashlia near the border with Turkey. The video shows the pro-Assad Syrian army waving on the press convoy as they approached the front lines before the missile strikes without any warning.
  14. Paris attacks: EU ministers consider Europe-wide CIA-style intelligence agency and increased border security checks
    A European equivalent of the CIA could be founded to bring together 28 member states’ intelligence following the Paris attacks. Numerous failings have been identified since the massacres that killed 130 people a week ago today, driving calls from the European Commission for increased co-operation through a joint agency.
  15. Report confirms Nestlé ties to slave labour
    Swiss food giant Nestlé is vowing to stamp out any forced labour used in its supply chain in Thailand after a probe confirmed workers were toiling in slave-like conditions to catch and process fish for the company's products. "Nestlé is committed to eliminating forced labour in our seafood supply chain in Thailand," executive vice president of operations Magdi Batato said in a statement sent to AFP on Tuesday.