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  1. Louisiana Cuts Off Planned Parenthood Funding 2015-08-03
  2. Flashback: UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Calls 9/11 an ‘Inside Job’ 2015-08-03
  3. Report: Lions More Important Than Humans 2015-08-03
  4. Lefty Starbucks CEO Groomed to Replace Hillary 2015-08-03
  5. Why Are Feminists Fat & Ugly? 2015-08-03
  6. The Second Fall of Rome? 2015-08-03
  7. How To Renew America’s Glory 2015-08-03
  8. The Rent is Too Damn High – San Fran Residents Pay $1,000 a Month to Live in Shipping Containers 2015-08-03
  9. Man Throws Chain Saws at Deputy During East Texas Chase 2015-08-03
  10. WHO Full Report: Monsanto Herbicide in GMO Crops is Carcinogenic 2015-08-03
  11. Suspect Identified in Memphis Cop Killing 2015-08-03
  12. Do Probiotics Reduce Cold and Flu Risk? 2015-08-03
  13. Will the Auto Insurance Industry Survive Self-Driving Cars? 2015-08-03
  14. Cop Accused Of Police Brutality 2015-08-03
  15. After 27 Years, Reporter Who Exposed ECHELON Finds Vindication in Snowden Archive 2015-08-03
  16. Report: Hundreds of Civilians Killed by U.S.-Led Bombing of ISIS in Iraq and Syria 2015-08-03
  17. Proof Gun Control Activists Are Violent 2015-08-03
  18. Anti-torture Reforms Opposed Within Psychology Group after Damning Report 2015-08-03
  19. Facebook Responds To YouTube Star’s ‘Lying, Cheating, Stealing’ Charges 2015-08-03
  20. Majority of US Voters Disapprove of Obama’s Performance 2015-08-03
  21. US Successfully Tests Anti-Ballistic Missile System in Pacific 2015-08-03
  22. 8 Giant Asteroids That Flew Uncomfortably Close to Earth 2015-08-03
  23. EPA Spends $1.5 Million on a ‘Stove Intervention’ for Africa 2015-08-03
  24. Britain Not Sunny Enough for Healthy Vitamin D Levels, Say Experts 2015-08-03
  25. The Trump Problem for Republicans as Fox Debate Nears 2015-08-03

  1. ACTION ALERT!!! Call Obama at 202-456-1111 And DEMAND He Release 28 Redacted Pages 2015-07-31
  2. Understanding Oil Qaeda 2015-07-31
  3. U.S. Officials Gave Eerily Prophetic Warnings of an Attack in the Days Before 9/11 2015-07-17
  4. Dr. Graeme MacQueen : Eyewitness Evidence of Explosions in the Twin Towers 2015-07-12
  5. U.S. Intelligence Agencies Mock America in 9/11 Trial 2015-07-12
  6. Why Did Navy Staffers at the Pentagon Fail to Respond to the Attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11? 2015-06-14
  7. Rand Paul, Ron Wyden to Introduce 28 Pages Resolution in Senate 2015-05-29
  8. Even More Admitted False Flag Terror Incidents Come to Light 2015-05-19
  9. Stratesec’s Walker and His Top Secret Business Partners 2015-05-17
  10. Exclusive: 15 Minute Q&A with Richard Gage, AIA, on Resolution 15-6 2015-05-16
  11. National AIA Convention Will Vote On WTC7 Resolution 2015-05-11
  12. The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh – by James Corbett 2015-05-11
  13. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 27 - Abby Martin 2015-05-04
  14. Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11? Part 16: Dissociation By Frances T. Shure 2015-05-01
  15. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: Crisis Action Teams, Early Accounts of the Government's Response to the 9/11 Attacks, and More 2015-04-26
  16. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 26 - Dan Christensen 2015-04-24
  17. 9/11 Exposed - Full Documentary Film (2015) 2015-04-23
  18. Everything you ever wanted to know about the OKC bombing in under 5 minutes. 2015-04-19
  19. Twenty Years Later: Facts About the OKC Bombing That Go Unreported 2015-04-17
  20. Head of the FBI's Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a Sham 2015-04-17
  21. FBI's AMERITHRAX Case just unravelled. Ex-FBI agent who directed investigation suing FBI, turns whistleblower. 2015-04-11
  22. The Surveillance State Repeal Act Introduced In Congress 2015-04-07
  23. PART 3: Trusses & Tanks — Popular Mechanics Helps NIST Create More Myths 2015-04-04
  24. Part 15: The Abuse Syndrome By Frances T. Shure Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11? 2015-04-02
  25. Interview 1019 – Michael Springmann on Visas for Terrorists Corbett • 03/31/2015 2015-03-31
  26. Eight Great Reads at the Journal of 9/11 Studies 2015-03-23
  27. We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 23 - Senator Bob Graham 2015-03-22
  28. The media is 100% ignoring NSA Director Binney who just questioned 9/11 and WTC 7 on film 2015-03-20
  29. Three Judges “Astonished” At Now Seeing The Collapse of Building 7 (14 years later) March 15, 2015 2015-03-16
  30. The 9/11 Commission Didn’t Believe the Government … So Why Should We? 2015-03-12


  1. The Door to Hell
    After seeing “10 More Amazing Wonders of the Natural World”, which many contained places I had never even heard of, I was inspired to make my own list. This list differs from the previous in that it contains things which may not be stunning to behold, but are unique for their size, location, or natural impact. 10 The Door To Hell - Turkmenistan The Door to Hell, as local residents at the nearby town of Darvaza have dubbed it, is a 70 meter wide crater in Turkmenistan that has been burning continuously for 35 years. In 1971, geologists drilling for gas deposits ... Continue reading
  2. Trophy Hunting
    The killing of Cecil the lion by an American has apparently angered many Americans: The White House has received close to 150,000 signatures by Americans demanding that the U.S. dentist who killed a popular lion in Zimbabwe be extradited there for trial. The sinister nature of this event is spelled out (emphasis added): Cecil was a subject of research and had become popular through videos showing him walking leisurely in the wild.  The possibility that he was lured out of a protected national park to be killed as a trophy has enraged many Americans. You see, Cecil was minding his ... Continue reading
  3. An Heirloom Rifle
    It’s been a couple years in the works, but Sturm, Ruger & Company has finally made the American Rimfire rifle available with a hardwood stock. Launched in the summer of 2013, the Ruger American Rimfire has been a runaway hit with shooters of all stripes. Based on the Ruger American Rifle, the rimfire version uses common 10/22 magazines and like the centerfire model, was initially offered with a synthetic polymer stock. After what feels like a towering wait, the Ruger American Rimfire is now available with a hardwood stock. The Ruger American Rimfire is the perfect starter gun. With single-shot magazines ... Continue reading
  4. Gold Bullion Demand Surges
    - Perth Mint sees surge in demand and cannot keep up with demand - “Our biggest restriction is the amount of unrefined gold we’re getting in from producers” - Very high demand for Perth Mint coins, bars coming from Asia, U.S. and Europe - U.S. Mint sees highest sales of gold coins in over 2 years - U.S. Mint restrictions on silver coins due to very high demand - Gold sentiment has moved from despondency to depression (see chart) - Current negative sentiment despite strong demand is good contrarian indicator Perth Mint Gold Bar (1 kilo) Depressed prices have led ... Continue reading
  5. Boston Yanks 2024 Olympic Bid
    Hosting the Olympic Games isn’t as popular as it used to be. This week, Boston cancelled its bid to host the 2024 summer Olympics. The city was forced to cancel the effort in response to opposition to what The Nation called the “debt, displacement, and militarization of public space” that the Olympics brings to every host city. Basically, the taxpayers and citizens of Boston weren’t in the mood to foot the bill for an enormous party for the richest and most powerful plutocrats of Boston and the United States. While the Olympic Games may have once been about sport and ... Continue reading
  6. Want To Go to Jail?
    A lot of leaders in the tax protest movement have done jail time for their consistency. They did what they told others to do. They are now convicted felons with no money. Some are still in jail. Irwin Schiff is one of them. He may get out in two years. He has been in jail since 2006. Are you ready to imitate him? Read this first. Trusting laymen in the tax revolt movement are often unaware of just how consistently the IRS has gained convictions. There are always exceptions, but the pattern is clear: juries normally convict. These protesters use ... Continue reading
  7. Worried About High Triglycerides?
    By Dr. Mercola One in four Americans over the age of 40 is currently taking a statin drug under the illusion that it will decrease their risk for heart disease. Dr. David Diamond is a neuroscientist with a PhD in biology. He's also a Professor of Psychology, Molecular Pharmacology, and Physiology at the University of South Florida and a Research Career Scientist at the Tampa VA Hospital. He ended up investigating both diet and statins as a result of having to address issues with his own health, and his conclusions are very different from the current status quo in medicine. ... Continue reading
  8. Cops Kill at Least 118 in July
    Early last month in "Crowdsourcing Police Brutality", we highlighted an ongoing project at The Guardian which is attempting to tally the number of people killed by police in the US during 2015. Use of deadly force by authorities in America has become a hot button issue after several high profile cases involving the death of unarmed black suspects culminated in a night of violent protests in Baltimore. In the wake of Baltimore’s "purge" (as April’s protests came to be known), two competing theories emerged about what effect the controversy has had on policing in America. We’ve outlined the two theories ... Continue reading
  9. Could You Pass the New Math Test for British 16-Year-Olds?
    Maths education has been a hot topic of conversation recently, with the planned introduction of the English Baccalaureate and Shanghai maths teaching model among the elements creating discussion. Steve Munby, the head of the CfBT Education Trust, wrote today that a “revolution” is required in UK maths education. He said: The UK has a major problem with young people and maths. In this country, unlike almost every other industrialised society, the study of some form of mathematics is not compulsory for students aged 16-18." He added: "In England, most young people can opt out of maths after GCSE, and that ... Continue reading
  10. Badges and Blasphemy
    Sheriff Doug Rader of Missouri's Stone County complains that he is being“attacked” for a “patriotic gesture” – decorating his department's patrol vehicles with the motto “In God We Trust.” By focusing on a largely symbolic controversy, both the sheriff's defenders and detractors are ignoring a more tangible threat – the sheriff's insistence, typical of his profession, that citizens render immediate, unconditional obedience to law enforcement officers as duly appointed ministers of violence on behalf of the divine State. “Where's our patriotism?” Sheriff Rader theatrically protested during a recent interview on Fox News. “Anytime anybody wants to be patriotic and make ... Continue reading
  11. The Asset the State Loves To Hate
    The Asset They Love to Hate … Back in the 1960s, Alan Greenspan wrote a well-known essay that to this day is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the present-day monetary and economic system (which is a kind of “fascism lite” type of statism, masquerading as capitalism) and especially the almost visceral hate etatistes harbor toward gold. Greenspan’s essay is entitled “Gold and Economic Freedom”, and as the title already suggests, the two are intimately connected. What makes Greenspan’s essay especially noteworthy is that it manages to present both theory and history in a concise, easy to ... Continue reading
  12. No Item of Interest, Let Alone Illumination
    The Japanese company Nikkei has bought the Financial Times, and I wish them well of it. There can be few duller publications in the world, in whose pages, unless one is interested in share prices and the like, one seeks in vain for an item of interest, let alone illumination. I sometimes read it to help me get to sleep when it is handed out free on planes, and very occasionally I buy it and walk down the streets of my small town in England with it under my arm in order to give the misleading appearance to my fellow ... Continue reading

BlackListed News

  1. Politicians from Both Sides of the Aisle: Corruption Has Destroyed America
    “Allowing people and corporate interest groups and others to spend an unlimited amount of unidentified money has enabled certain individuals to swing any and all elections, whether they are congressional, federal, local, state … Unfortunately and rarely are these people having goals which are in line with those of the general public. History well shows that there is a very selfish game that’s going on and that our government has largely been put up for sale.” – John Dingell, 29-term Democratic congressman from Michigan, in 2014 just before he retired.
  2. Ex-British prime minister named in child sex abuse investigation
    Britain’s police watchdog said Monday that it is investigating claims that authorities dropped a sex abuse case during the 1990s that contained an allegation against the former Prime Minister Edward Heath. Heath, who died in 2005 at 89, was named by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which said the probe will look at Wiltshire Police’s investigation into an alleged claim of child sexual abuse made in the 1990s.
  3. NSA conducted commercial espionage against Japanese government and businesses
    New leaked documents published by Wikileaksshow that the US spy agency conducted surveillance operations against Japan's top government officials, prioritizing finance and trade ministers, as well as the Japanese central bank and two private-sector energy companies. There's no conceivable connection between this long-term surveillance -- which included wiretaps -- and national security.
  4. ‘Guilty’: City trader Tom Hayes 1st to be convicted of Libor rigging
    Tom Hayes, a former yen derivatives trader at UBS and Citigroup, has become the first person found guilty of rigging benchmark interest rate. Along with other traders, he manipulated Libor, a benchmark for interest rates on trillions of dollars. Former trader Hayes, 35, was found guilty of eight counts of conspiring after a nine-week trial in London. Each count brought by the Serious Fraud Office carries a possible 10-year prison sentence.
  5. Political Theater: Company with crowds for hire sees opportunity in politics
    As the race for the White House heats up with the first Republican debateset for Thursday, there appears to be a growing number of supporters showing up at campaign speeches and appearances. The increasing pressure to gain an edge has some candidates paying actors to be faces in the crowd, CBS News' Carter Evans reports. When Donald Trump entered the presidential race, spurred on by an energetic crowd, apparently not all were true believers. According to an email obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, actors were offered $50 to wear T-shirts, carry signs and cheer.
  6. Will New Film Force US to Acknowledge Role in 1965 Indonesian Genocide?
    ‘The Look of Silence’ revisits the 1965 Indonesian genocide
  7. Texas farmer wins 30 year battle with federal government (BLM), Gets land back
    A Texas farmer finally received land back that was taken from him by a court and given to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) more than thirty years ago. The victory puts land back into his undisputed possession and control that has been in his family since 1904. It also brings hope and a pathway to victory for other farmers who stand to lose up to 90,000 acres of land to the BLM.
  8. More than 50 percent of the Internet users now use Facebook, Sadly
    Facebook has seen tremendous acceptability over the last decade. It is the most popular social networking site. The success of Facebook can be gauged from the fact that Orkut closed its operations last year and now Facebook is the undisputed champion of the Social Media world. Out of the total population of 3 billion people who access the internet, 1.49 billion people access Facebook at least once a month. That is around half the population of the internet users. The number is so staggering that it is around 13 percent of the total population of the world!
  9. America's National Parks are for sale
    The corporatization process started with “co-branding” agreements, rationalized by Park Service officials as “aligning the economic and historical legacies” of parks with advertisers. In other words, they’re selling the Park Service’s proud public brand — as well as its soul. First in line was Coca-Cola. In 2007, the multibillion-dollar colossus became a “proud partner” with the Park Service by donating a mere $2.5 million (tax-deductible, meaning we taxpayers subsidized the deal) to the Park Service fundraising arm. In return, not only did Coke get exclusive rights to use park logos in its ads, but it was allowed to veto a Park Service plan to ban sales of bottled water in the Grand Canyon National Park. Disposable plastic bottles are that park’s biggest source of trash, but Coke owns Dasani, the top-selling water, so bye-bye ban. Public outrage forced officials to reverse this crass move, but the Park Service’s integrity has yet to recover.
  10. American Oligarchy – 400 Families Represent 50% of Money Raised by 2016 Presidential Candidates Thus Far
    Ever since I started this website in 2012, one of my primary objectives was to convince readers that the American system of government is nothing like what we are told in school and via the oligarch-owned mainstream media. That the country has become so captured and corrupted by sociopathic oligarchs, that a neo-feudal modern serfdom was emerging where the opportunities to enjoy rising standards of living for the vast majority of people was rapidly becoming a pipe dream.
  11. Windows 10 defaults to keylogging, harvesting browser history, purchases, and covert listening
    By default, Microsoft gets to see your location, keystrokes and browser history -- and listen to your microphone, and some of that stuff is shared with "trusted [by Microsoft, not by you] partners." You can turn this all off, of course, by digging through screen after screen of "privacy" dashboards, navigating the welter of tickboxes that serve the same purposes as all those clean, ration-seeming lines on the craps table: to complexify the proposition so you can't figure out if the odds are in your favor.
  12. The Rent is Too Damn High – San Fran Residents Pay $1,000 a Month to Live in Shipping Containers
    There’s nothing quite like a grotesquely lopsided “economic recovery” in which a handful of cities boom, while the rest of the nation stagnates. Even worse, millennials living in such chosen cities face one of two options. Either live in mom and dad’s basement, or face a standard of living far more similar to 19th tenement standards than the late 1990’s tech boom.
  13. Hypocrisy on Display as US Lavishes Military Aid on Egypt
    Speaking in Cairo on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry reassured Egyptian officials that the country's human rights abuses will not get in the way of further boosts to U.S. aid, arms, and military "cooperation." "Egypt remains vital ... to engagement and stability in the region as a whole," said Kerry at joint appearance with Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri following a weekend of bilateral talks. "There are obviously circumstances where we have found reason to have grave concern and we have expressed it very publicly, but we have multiple issues that we need to work on simultaneously."
  14. VIDEO: Body Cam Shows What a SWAT Team Sees When they Raid Wrong Home, Flashbang Kids, Kick Cats
    In 2012, the Evansville Police Department conducted a SWAT raid on an elderly woman and her two daughters who had committed no crime. After years of attempting to escape liability and hide the body cam footage, on Friday, a federal appeals court ruled that the EPD “committed too many mistakes” to be shielded from liability in the homeowner’s lawsuit. The negligence of the department in the wrongful raid of Louise Milan’s home was so atrocious that the official ruling compared them to the fictional Keystone Kops of the early 20th century silent film.
  15. Washington Stunned by Attack on US Mercenaries in Syria
    An attack by the Syrian Islamist militia affiliated with Al Qaeda upon a small US-trained mercenary force sent into the country has staggered the Obama administration, while underscoring the immense internal contradictions and outright duplicity of its policy in the region. The attack came early Friday against a Syrian militia known as Division 30, which has been the central focus of a $500 million program initiated by the Obama administration and administered by the Pentagon to arm and train a US-controlled proxy force, ostensibly for fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside Syria.